Return To Exercise


Are You ...

  • Postpartum?

  • Unsure when or how to start exercising again?

  • Itching to feel some normalcy in your body and routine?

This Checklist is a MUST for postpartum mamas!!

  • Understand the basics of what your mind and body needs in order to return to exercise safely

About the Author

Hi! I'm Adrienne and I'm a Doctor of Physical Therapy specialized in the treatment of orthopedic conditions. I have always loved staying active through running, hiking, rock climbing and just having the strength to do anything my mind wants to do.

After I gave birth to Adam, my mind craved to do everything again and get my identity as an athlete back BUT my body was NOT ready!

I designed this checklist for any postpartum woman (ANY point in your journey whether you're 2 months or 2 years postpartum). I truly hope this starts to take the guesswork out of what to do postpartum and gets you on the right track.

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